In an increasingly globalized world, a company needs to distribute information in more languages besides the one spoken where it is located. Thus, in order to expand into global markets, businesses more than ever have to be aware of the importance of having proper and accurate translations. Enterprises tend to believe that having an employee that speaks fluently the targeted language is more than enough, however, when they encounter legal paperwork, negotiations, and more, they soon realize their mistake. 

This is something I realized as well. Some years ago, my father came home after work saying how difficult it was for him and his colleagues to translate all the paperwork they had to send to their international partners. He was frustrated when he expressed how much time of actual negotiations gets lost in this process, and how frustrating it is. These are some of the reasons why there are special companies dedicated to producing quality translations for enterprises. In the end, my father’s company opted to hire a translations services agency to assist.

1. The resources allegedly saved by not paying a proper translator end up being lost in time and effort.

When common employees translate and struggle, they do not pay attention to small details that, if lost in translation, can make an absolute difference for the future of the company. The language used for business and legal affairs is much different than the language commonly spoken by most people. Documents have specific terms and definitions, each one with a very clear and distinct meaning. Thus, a simple change in the context of a word could have catastrophic results. It is important to know the unique legal language of the target country, as well as its jurisdiction.

2. Translation can have a side effect either positively or negatively on an entire business.

Think about it: when your company invests so much in planning and building their entire sales and management strategies, the least you would want is that your resources go to waste because of a poor translation, right? In this sense, certified translations from native speakers are essential, since they have a unique knowledge of the local language and culture, which allows them to adapt your business to the specific country creatively and efficiently. Why let your ideas get lost in translation? 

Terra Traducciones wants you to expand your business into global markets! Since 2005, we have worked with the world’s industry leaders, such as Uber, P&G, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Netflix. We provide certified translations for all documents from any country in the world such as:

  • Certified Translations
  • Interpretation
  • Copy Editing
  • Transcription
  • Resumes & CVs
  • Proofreading

A good translation can help your business grow, while a bad translation can have a completely opposite effect. Are you willing to take that risk? Contact us for ideas on how we can help you expand into global markets. Write to and we will reply in no time. 

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