Who said that learning a new language had to be boring? Here are some great reasons to start or continue learning English in your free-time!

We have compiled a list of 5 shows to help you learn English. You will boost your vocabulary, drive your understanding of spoken English and improve your pronunciation, all from the comfort of your sofa.


Learn english with Joey Tribbiani on FriendsThis sitcom takes us back in time to the 1990’s. This comedy is perfect for those of you studying English. The series offers a range of resources focusing on grammar and vocabulary, putting your English skills (speaking and listening) to the test, in addition to offering you an insight into US culture.

I am sure you have heard some of the show’s most iconic catch phrases: Joey’s “How you doin’?” when he is trying to impress a lady, or the infamous “We were on a break” comment, which has left more than one group of friends debating whether or not Ross cheated on Rachel.

You will find that these lines tend to crop up in real life, offering you the chance to practice having a simple conversation with your friends or an interview with your boss.



Learn english with "Sherlock Holmes"This series from the BBC has an outstanding cast: Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (the incomparable Bilbo Baggins). If you don’t know who they are (although I don’t think that is the case), you will find that they have an exquisite British accent that is easy to understand.

The vocabulary used in the series is both extensive and varied, and it will help you develop your listening skills, as well as improving your grammar.

A major advantage of this series is the insight it offers you into English humor and the British people.

Do you have a Cambridge exam coming up? We recommend studying with Sherlock!




Learn english with "Dear White People" on Netflix

The topics of racial prejudice and social justice are becoming more and more important into day’s society, and this series offers you the opportunity to learn more about the English used in social and political situations.

The series offers specialized terminology that focuses on current events surrounding racial injustice and the experience of African Americans in the United States.




Learn english with the British version of "The Office"The British version of this comedy show is the perfect option for learning English. With each episode lasting around 20 minutes, The Office provides wide-ranging and easy-to understand vocabulary to help you practice your comprehension and conversation skills.

This legendary series is full of humor, irony and sarcasm, and it is ideal for putting office vocabulary into practice, not to mention learning more about British humor from the pen of comedian Ricky Gervais.

If you have already watched the American version of the show, we recommend you take the time to watch the original version, paying special attention to each character’s unique accent.



Learn english with Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtOne of the best ways to learn and practice English is to have fun.

This series follows the life of Kimmy, who is rescued after a decade of incarceration by the leader of a sect who made her believe that the day of the Apocalypse had arrived. After being rescued, Kimmy moves to New York to start over and discover all the things she has missed over the past decade.

This series will introduce you to some slang, such as crash (to fall asleep suddenly or turnup without an invitation) and down to earth (someone humble).

A major upside to this series is Titus Andromedon, the funniest character in the show.

So, plump up your sofa cushions and get comfortable. Streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Prime Video, can help you learn new languages, not to mention offering you the opportunity to practice with new and fun series.

Remember that language acquisition is a gradual and continuous process that requires constant effort and dedication. We invite you to read our article on the myths surrounding fluency to learn more tips.

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